NetCann is a top quality cannabis innovator: a company that not only produces and commercializes cannabis, but goes the extra mile utilizing the whole value chain.
That is why we are the leading integrated company in Latin America's cannabis industry.

NetCann combines leading-edge efficient technologies with the best human value and outstanding technical assets. We are deeply committed to the development of local communities, gender equity and environmental sustainability

We were the first company to complete the whole cannabis value chain, with a modern pharmaceutical infrastructure and the necessary quality certifications, including the valuable GAP and GMP Certificates.

Our agro-industrial infrastructure of more than 90 acres of cultivation, coupled with more than 85,000 ft² greenhouses, an 80-ton pharmaceutical drying plant and an in-house world-class CBD extraction and purification laboratory, makes us stand out and validates NetCann as the leading experts in the field.




ft² greenhouses

pharmaceutical drying plant



Extraction plant



Our team

Sebastian Gutiérrez

Founding Partner & COO

Sebastián is one of the most experienced cannabis agronomists in the Latin American market. With more than 5 years of experience in indoor and outdoor cultivation for both THC and CBD strains, Sebastian is one of the pillars of NetCann’s operation, he has experience in every aspect of NetCann’s business, from cultivation to the pharmaceutical API production.

Francisco Molinari

CDO & Board Member

Francisco is the former CEO of Megalabs/Megapharma group and founding CEO of the biotech company Amega Biotech. Well known entrepreneur in the pharmaceutical sector with more than 25 years of experience and leadership in international markets. Investor in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

Prof. Ricardo Pascale


Emeritus Professor of Finance of the University of the Republic, Uruguay. Major areas of academic interest: Finance, Economics of Knowledge and Innovation as well Behavioral Finance and Econometric.
Strong education with a PhD in Applied Economics from UOC Spain, Post Doctoral Studies in Finance at University California, Los Angeles, USA., and Fellow in Economics of Investments Projects from Economic Development Institute - World Bank. He was Chairman of the Central Bank of Uruguay, 1985-1990, 1995-1996. He published extensively (8 books, and more than hundred academic papers).
President of the Institut Pasteur de Montevideo

Marianela Sequeira

QA/QC Manager

Pharmaceutical chemist graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry (UDELAR), with solid knowledge in pharmaceutical and related products. Extensive experience in implementation and maintenance of quality management systems in highly regulated industries (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, cannabis), management and technical direction.

Business verticals

NetCann has both B2B and B2C business lines reflecting its positioning in the entire value chain all this encompassed with a high quality, pharmaceutical grade production:

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)

Dried flowers

Dried flowers

Medical / pharmaceutical final products

Medical / pharmaceutical products

Final consumer / wellness products

consumer and wellness products

Our Products - Medical, pharmaceutical, wellness products and consumer products. B2B and B2C lines.

Medical Cannabis: a growing industry

The medical cannabis sector is revolutionizing the farmaceutical market on a global scale, not only because of its preventive and mitigating use, but for the research, development and job opening opportunities it provides.

We are the first Latin-American cannabis company to have a commercial partnership with Megalabs, a leading pharmaceutical conglomerate present in 18 countries of the region.

Uruguay is at the forefront of medical cannabis production in the world.

Its interest in technology and innovation at the service of health and wellness, position it as an avant-garde country for the generation of new businesses. Building on the experience of Uruguay's groundbreaking legislation, NetCann has become the only Latin-American cannabis company with a presence in all business verticals of the cannabis industry: non-psychoactive CBD-based medical and wellness cannabis, and psychoactive THC-based medical and wellness cannabis.